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Application Requirements

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Application Requirements

We within one month after receipt of your resume, on your resume for background investigation and trial, if your resume through the trial, we will notify you (telephone, SMS and email interview time, location and related matters needing attention. If your resume does not pass the trial, we do not notice, please forgive!
Application process


Resident traffic

Address: Shandong province Liaocheng City South Ring Road No. 176

Departure bus: 2 Road, 6 way to 436 in the middle of the railway station taxi station get off a taxi: about 20 yuan

Bus station departure bus: 436 in the middle of the road in the Olympic carpet station Taxi: about 19 yuan

Human Resources Department

Address: Shandong province Liaocheng City South Road 176, Shandong Tong Steel Construction Limited by Share Ltd Human Resources Department

Contact phone: 0635-2126675

Zip code: 252000